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Worleston Music School - we are so very fortunate to have Andrew working in music education in Cheshire and the North West in general. He has an exciting passion for teaching, he is a charismatic figure, and his teaching skills cover all instruments and all levels of attainment. He deserves the fullest support in whatever type of musical activity he is leading, and his success rate with students and adults is quite extraordinary. My very best wishes to all his endeavours.

- Dr. Timothy Reynish

Internationally respected Musician and Conductor,

Professor, Mentor, Educationalist and Writer.

 Testimonials from Parents and Students

"Andrew Bassey was one of the most encouraging and enthusiastic teachers I ever had. He always pushed me to my full potential and always believed in my ability to do well. He is very passionate about music and this always comes across in his teaching and conducting - he made me love the music as much as he did! Even though Andrew was my Flute teacher and helped me to achieve a diploma in year 12 he also encouraged my Violin playing and gave me amazing opportunities as a Violinist too - most notably taking me to play a solo with his Wind Orchestra in Carnegie Hall in New York. Andrew always made music enjoyable and its thanks to him that I was encouraged to go on and make a career out of music."

- Jemima, former flute pupil and professional violinist

"Mr Bassey was a great teacher for me. He taught me violin and piano. I found his teaching very logical and encouraging and he gave me the skills and confidence to perform at my best. He thinks about all the details and taught me many new techniques."

- Aidan student age 13

"Andrew Bassey is the most versatile and multi-talented teacher and director I have ever met. He is fantastic with kids and although he expects high standards from them he achieves this through a fun and non-pressurised approach. I am very pleased that both my children had the chance to be taught by Andrew who prepared them for successful auditions and many other performances."

- Susie, a parent

"While under the tuition of Mr. Andrew Bassey, I learned many things about advanced musicality. He took my understanding to a whole new level. He taught me to look for the most important note of a musical phrase and I learned that phrases may end where you may not expect! During my tuition he taught me the musical understanding needed to play the first movement of Brahms Clarinet Sonata No. 2 in Eb, which I went on to successfully perform several times including at auditions.

Everything he taught me made sense. Anyone taught by Andrew Bassey is very fortunate. Not only will he increase your understanding of music but he will help you to get the best out of your instrument as he possesses advanced knowledge and experience of a vast variety of instruments including all brass and woodwind. I highly recommend Andrew to any beginner to advanced student and I think it would be rare to find someone with his level of advanced knowledge over such a large variety of instruments!"

- Hamish, Clarinet student

Andrew Bassey was employed as a music teacher by Northamptonshire County Council's Music and Performing Arts Service for a period of 8 consecutive years.

Andrew was a well-respected member of the team and his contribution to the Music Service was of a very high standard. In particular, it is noteworthy to record that one of Andrew's flute students passed an Associated Board Diploma in her year 12. The number of Andrew's students that have been successful in Associated Board Examinations and that have been involved in the local Northampton festival of Music and Drama has been consistently high. His conducting and ensemble training has been very impressive and there is no doubt that Andrew's professionalism and dedication made a significant difference to the music making of numerous students and their schools. He is able to teach to a high standard across a wide range of instruments.

We were sorry to lose such a valued member of staff, although we perfectly understand his decision to spend more quality time at home with his young son, who had recently been diagnosed with Autism, in order to give his son the care and attention he needs.

We wish Andrew well in his future career.

-Director for Children and Young People

Northamptonshire County Council

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