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Conducting, large group and School Testimonials

Andrew conducting the wind band at Archbishop Beck Catholic High School on a school 2 day wind band course. Andrew was brought in to conduct I AM by Andrew Boysen, their most challenging piece to

date. After the course the school band were successful in producing a first rate performance and came 1st place in a competition. Well done children.

"Andrew is an inspiration when he works with children. He has a natural rapport that communicates passion for the music he is working on and is educational in his instruction.

When Andrew works with a group he uses energy to keep the children engaged and entertained. This is a gift for a conductor, especially in stimulating young minds.

His prowess on woodwind and brass instruments is a rarity, giving great insight when overcoming technical and musical issues on specific instruments.

I expect this new project to be a great success under

Andrew's guidance and wish him every success.."

- Teacher Karl, conductor at Warrington Youth Orchestra

"Mr Bassey made a very good impression in St. Peter’s. He covered a maternity leave as the specialist brass teacher for Y5 pupils for one hour per week and did some individual tuition for students who wanted to continue with their brass instrument learning after Y5.

He came to the specific performances for these two groups of pupils in his own time to support them in their performances in front of the whole school and parents.

The Y5 pupils had never played a brass instrument when they first began their lessons in September 2014. During their class performance in July, I was astonished at how well they played, and particularly impressed with two soloist performers, one of them played Gershwin's Summertime to a very high standard. Mr Bassey contributed to the performance with his conducting and coaching and his sheer exuberance and passion for music, which clearly inspired the pupils.

It was a pleasure to see Mr Bassey at work in our school and to bring about such successful outcomes for the pupils."

- Headteacher, Primary School

"Andrew Bassey was employed as a music teacher by Northamptonshire County Council's Music and Performing Arts Service for a period of 8 consecutive years.

Andrew was a well-respected member of the team and his contribution to the Music Service was of a very high standard. In particular, it is noteworthy to record that one of Andrew's flute students passed an Associated Board Diploma in her year 12. The number of Andrew's students that have been successful in Associated Board Examinations and that have been involved in the local Northampton festival of Music and Drama has been consistently high. His conducting and ensemble training has been very impressive and there is no doubt that Andrew's professionalism and dedication made a significant difference to the music making of numerous students and their schools. He is able to teach to a high standard across a wide range of instruments.

We were sorry to lose such a valued member of staff, although we perfectly understand his decision to spend more quality time at home with his young son, who had recently been diagnosed with Autism, in order to give his son the care and attention he needs.

We wish Andrew well in his future career."

- Director of Children and Young Peoples Services

Northamptonshire County Council

Andrew Bassey is a talented multi-instrumentalist, with a flair for teaching, both groups and individuals.

I first came across Andrew after I picked up my trumpet after a 25 year break, where he invited me to play in an evening group and encouraged me to take my grade 5.

It was at his suggestion that I took up saxophone as a complete beginner, to keep my children company while he taught them to play clarinet and trumpet from scratch, and we are all still making steady progress.

He brings the best out in groups of musicians, often leading them to perform at levels they were unaware they were capable of, but the teaching is always enjoyable and delivered in a humorous and accessible way.”

- Tim, Parent and student

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