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Wind instruments






Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone


French horn




Percussion instruments

Drums (as part of group tuition only)


Xylophone etc.

String instruments





An example of string instruments Elgar's beautiful 'serenade for strings' played by professionals.

Tuition can be delivered in individually lessons, in small groups of the same instrument, or in larger mixed instrumental ensembles.

First lesson FREE and trial of an instrument

You can have your first lesson free and try various instruments to see what is really for you! You may be very surprised!

Individual lessons

You can have weekly lessons (recommended as the time slot will not change) or lessons when you want them - we can be flexible. If you pay for 5 individual lessons in advance you will get a fantastic 10% discount every time.

Small group lessons

You can learn in groups of up to 5 people all learning to play the same instrument at the same level (not piano). Students learning this way would have the option of entering for Associated Board Exams, as do those having individual lessons. You would need to commit to weekly lessons and pay for 5 lessons in advance after your first free trial lesson.

Larger mixed groups

If enough people apply you will have the option of learning in a larger group of mixed winds or strings. This is a fun and affordable way to learn an orchestral instrument through a wind band or string orchestra programme. If you choose this option you will not be entered for Associated Board Exams and would need to commit to weekly classes and pay for 5 lessons in advance after your first free lesson.

Combinations of group and individual lessons may be available

Don't forget - first lesson free! Instrument hire available!

So how much does it cost?

One to one

£16.50 for 30 mins - 5 week advance payment £75

£24.20 for 45 mins - 5 week advance payment £110

£29.70 an hour - 5 week advance payment £135

Group of 2 on the same instrument

If you and another person you know want to start together please ask for prices

Any group lesson size, Single instrument or mixed woodwind, brass or strings

Please ask for prices

Please ask about special rates for group lessons in schools and free school demos

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